1.  Every day fax or email any
documents that arrive in your
office to us.

On a daily basis, as you get documents in the
mail such as bank statements or vendor bills, you
*fax or email them to us and then file them
away. You will also fax or email the deposit slip,
or the information from the slip on any day you
make a deposit.  If you are in a service industry,
this also applies to invoicing. At the end of the
day just fax over a copy of all your work orders
for the day with any payments received noted.
We will create an invoice that can be mailed to
the customer and/or so you can keep a history of
each job for warranty reasons or future reference
This can also help you keep tabs on who owes
you money.

*We also can provide you a Fed-X account number to mail them
weekly, if preferred.
2.   We post transactions to

We post your transactions to Quickbooks Online.
This version is available 24 hours a day, 7 days
a week for you to access from any internet
connected computer. It is a guaranteed secured
server which will assure you a safe backup on
your financial data. Due to our affiliation with
Quickbooks, if you use our company to set you
up on this program, you will save money as we
will get it at a discounted rate.
3.   Pay your bills.

You will now have the capability of paying your
bills with ease and having the capability of pulling
reports to keep you informed on what bills may
be due. You can either just click to choose what
you want to pay and print the checks, or you can
use online bill pay
4.   Access your reports.

Keeping your account this current and up to date
will allow you the advantage of pulling various
reports that can help you in managing your
business. We can customize reports to fit your
needs that you can access with ease.
As a new or small business owner you
may find yourself "chained" to your
desk rather than out managing your
business...Here is your alternative:
Most every business has it's own unique
accounting needs. Quickbooks will most
probably adapt easily to your procedures and
needs. Please contact us so we can determine
how we can make this work for you.