K.S. Administrative Services can provide
advice, services  and assistance in the
following areas:
Our Mission
We strive to give our clients
the best customer service,
quick turn-around time
while still producing quality
By using this service, you can offer your
customer/client a quick response to their
needs. We will take your calls, manage your
email and respond to inquires as well as check
your phone messages. We can set up your
service appointments and keep your calender
updated. In the event of an emergency service,
we can dispatch your employees/crews by
either Nextel radio or by phone.
Contact us:
Letting us handle your bookkeeping needs,
leaves you with more time to run your
company. We are Quickbooks certified and
can set your company up with remote access
using Quickbooks Online, either for initial set
up or using your current data. This system
allows for us to provide our services to
businesses located anywhere and also allows
you the capability to get your data anywhere
you have internet access. If you prefer,
however, we can also use your desktop
version. We can handle your billing,
receivables & collections. We can make
deposits & do your bank reconciliations We
will also build & maintain a General Ledger for
your convenience. Per your request, we will run
financial reports designed specifically for your
needs, or with Quick books Online you can
access your data from anywhere, anytime so
you can check on the status of your growing
business. We also offer training to your
employees on the Quickbooks program.
We are experienced in drafting & typing
business letters and memorandums, as well
as preparing client proposals or quotes. We
will maintain a customer/client database for
your convenience. Faxing and copying can
be done from our office. We offer a Georgia
Public Notary. To help maintain your files and
records, we are able to scan & archive your
data on disks. To assist with streamlining
your paperwork, we can create and draft
forms designed with your business in mind.

We can even translate small memos and
documents from English to Spanish!
We offer simple website design and
maintenance. We can draft a company
newsletter for your employees and
customers as well as create mailing labels,
brochures, business cards, advertisements
and other materials to help your business
As an extra service, we can
maintain a personal and business
database of special days to
remember; anniversaries,
birthdays, etc. so a card will never
be forgotten.
Secretarial Duties:
Marketing and Advertising Support:
Greeting Cards:

Let us worry
about the little
K.S. Administrative Support
Services, Inc.
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